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We dream of making the world a better, more conscientious and emotionally welcoming place, by exposing children to games that teach positive and empowering content.
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Give and Get Games was established in 2011 by Michal Laufer-Ram, a great games innovator who holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and Master’s  in communications.
As CEO and Founder of the company, Michal Laufer-Ram, knows what it takes to create and market educational games children love to play. Having previously served as the Licensing Director of Israel’s Children's TV Channel and garnered many years of experience handling leading kids brands, Michal identified and decided to tackle the significant lack of positive, educational games on the market. After realizing many children’s games lack content that fosters positive attributes and develops social and emotional skills, she decided to join forces with a professional team and create a new series of board games. The games are all based fun game concepts, like traditional card games, board games, memory games and more. But what truly sets Give and Get Games apart is the unique content of each game, which teaches children important soft skills and emotional intelligence capabilities, instilling within them the values and social prowess they need to become positive contributors to society.

Michal Laufer-Ram 
CEO & Founder


Yael is a marketing, media, PR and strategic communications consultant. She previously served as  the head of the Israeli Children’s TV Channel’s PR and marketing departmentl.
Above all, she is a mother who believes that children can enjoy and learn significant social skills through games. If you present kids with great, valuable content, they will enjoy learning while they play.
Yael and Michal are longtime friends. Yael has accompanied Israeli brand Natta Kibalta since its beginning.  Last year  they decided to join forces  to bring Give and Get  wonderful games to the world.


Yael Taina- Shafrir

Partner & Head of International Business Development 

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