Give n'Get

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 Give ‘n Get  is a game that encourages an open dialogue about positive and negative traits
-A different kind of card game.
-Players ask each other for positive trait cards, while working to rid themselves of “negative” trait cards.
-Encourages an open dialogue about positive and negative traits.
-A game for the entire family.

The game is made up of 60 cards:
Ten sets of four “positive” cards, representing four positive traits a child may possess.
Ten “negative” cards, representing a negative trait a child may possess.
.Five “Give ‘n Get pairs
Can be played in additional game options:
Talking and Sharing: Each player, in turn, draws a card and shares a story related to one of the traits represented by the card.-Memory Game: Create eleven pairs of cards by pulling out two cards from every set of four positive cards and one pair of Give ‘n Get cards.-Opposites: For every negative card, find at least one complementary positive card.

For ages +6