What Do I Feel?

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Talking about feelings.
The game serves as an opportunity to speak with children about their feelings and share and encourage their expression of these feelings: Happiness, Fear,
Disappointment, Relaxation, Love, Surprise, Sadness, Anger and Offended.

Gather sets of cards and describe the emotions they portray. The player with the most sets - wins the game, while everyone wins a new appreciation for their
Encourages dialogue and cooperation.
Develops the ability to pay attention to the feelings of others.
Helps stimulate conversation with the children about their feelings and emotions.
Helps to identify feelings and encourage open discussion about emotions.
Cultivates verbal capability.

Contains: 44 cards +booklet with ideas and suggestions for additional activities with the game cards.
For ages +4

L-18 ;W-13.5; H-5
Barcode- 7290015373029